Tigers Conclude Fall Season by Splitting 26 Matches at UWA Tournament

Tigers Conclude Fall Season by Splitting 26 Matches at UWA Tournament

Livingston, AL—The MMI Tigers concluded their fall season by competing in the University of West Alabama's one-day tournament at the Howard R. Vaughan Tennis Complex.   They split 26 singles and doubles matches on the day. 

In Flight A singles play, MMI players defeated three players from Meridian Community College and then lost to three players from the University of West Alabama. 

Andrew Wright (MMI) def. Nathan Hollis (MCC), 6-1

Caspar Schuetze (UWA) def. Andrew Wright (MMI), 6-3

Adam Bahney (MMI) def. Sam Butler (MCC), 6-1

Chris Wood (UWA) def. Adam Bahney (MMI), 6-0

Patrick Ryder (MMI) def. Noah James (MCC), 7-6 (2)

Andrii Stratiienko (UWA) def. Patrick Ryder, 6-1

In Flight B singles play, MMI's Xavier Bell and Shane McDonough were the only first-round winners for the Tigers.  Bell defeated Meridian's Reed Kasper, 6-0, before losing to West Alabama's Kike Ruiz, 6-1.  And McDonough defeated Meridian's Sam Grice, 6-3, before losing to West Alabama's Nicolai Jochamovitz, 6-0.

MMI's three other Flight B singles participants (Ben Lee, Blake McDonald. and Max Holloway) lost to UWA opponents (two players and one assistant coach), as well.

MMI's Ben Lee defeated fellow Tiger Max Holloway, 6-2, in the Flight B Consolation finals. 

Four MMI doubles teams competed in the tournament.  Their results are recorded below:

Foster/Wright (MMI) def. Irvin/Grice (MCC), 6-2

Bal/Jachamovitz (UWA) def. Foster/Wright (MMI), 7-5

Saucon/Pupuma (SC) def. Bahney/Holloway (MMI), 6-1

Ryder/Bell (MMI) def. Champion/Harrington (MCC), 6-1

Pimenta/Butler (MCC) def. Ryder/Bell (MMI), 6-3

Pimenta/Butler (MCC) def. Lee/McDonald (MMI), 6-0

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